What about Thread Count?

All Airynest linen sheets are made from 100% French flax seed and they’re pure linen. So instead of obsessing over the thread count, we like to consider the GSM. Put simply, GSM stands for grams per square metre. The higher the GSM of a fabric, the denser it will be. Our linen sheets are 175 GSM. We specifically chose 175 GSM for our sheets because it’s the perfect weight to ensure these sheets are soft and cozy from the day you get it. 

What kind of cotton do you use?

We use 100% pure, unblended, long-staple cotton in our bedding. Long-staple cotton is known for being smooth, crisp, and silky. Long-staple cotton has less exposed fiber ends, resulting in less pilling and tearing. Sheets made out of long-staple cotton gets softer over time. We use a perfectly balanced medium weave that stays breathable and light while keeping you warm throughout the night.

What does long-staple cotton feed like?

Long-staple cotton is soft, crisp, smooth, and silky to the touch. It is also extremely breathable and stays light and temperate through the night. It’s a great choice for summer temperatures, but will keep you comfortable all year long.


Are your bed sheets organic?

While it's nice to be able to say our products are organic, it doesn't actually ensure that the bedding is non-toxic. Instead, our bedding is STeP OEKO-TEX certified. This is the highest certification level of safety and environmental certification available.

In order to obtain this certification, companies have to prove that their products do not contain any of the several hundred harmful substances used in the traditional textile manufacturing process. They also must pass a skin-friendly pH and color fastness test. OEKO-TEX is only awarded to companies whose products have been thoroughly examined and tested for everything under the sun.

As you know by now, seeing something labeled as “organic” isn’t as comprehensive as everyone used to think. A lot of companies have capitalized on using that ambiguity to their advantage, even though “organic” doesn’t ensure that their product is non-toxic. 

We have extremely high standards for our products which is why we also made sure they're GOTS certified. Being GOTS certified means that our entire process – from harvesting the raw materials to production to labeling to distribution – is certifiably done in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner. 


    Sizing Chart

    Sizing Chart 

    Will there be more color options in future?

    We’re already getting a lot of requests for different patterns and more colors so we are already looking into adding more seasonal patterns and colors into our collection.  

    What size mattress does this fit on?

    Our fitted sheets are designed to fit mattresses up to 15" deep so you should be able to fit your mattress and mattress topper under the sheets.

    Is AIRY made with ANY chemicals? If so, what? All our products begin the same way:  with top-quality raw materials, like 100% cotton and 100% pure flax seeds that will benefit the ecology and economics of the community around it. Our colored sheets use eco-solvent ink, a form of non-water based ink made from ether extracts taken from refined mineral oil. We avoid the use of traditional synthetic dyes to avoid the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which can be a health hazard to print works and a pollutant to the ozone.

    What are the care instructions for the Sheets? Our sheets are super low maintenance and just require a little love! 

    Care Instructions